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A web site spell check service can put finding spelling and typographical errors on autopilot for you.

No need to obsess over accurate spelling, sign up for an account, and the service will flag them for you automatically.

A complete spell check of your web site can be done in just a few seconds for pennies. Automated spell checking is especially valuable for sites created and maintained by professional copy writers and editors. Starting with correctly spelled pages frees valuable professional time for application to the more creative aspects of their work.

You will also get access to other vital information. The reports include keyword inclusion, page lengths, page counts, word counts, word lengths, and more. (screen shots)

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Have you ever been told that proper spelling is important? Well, it's true. And, it is not only true, but vital to the success of any internet site. There are two key reasons for this.

First, it enhances the visibility of your site. Visitors find their way to your website using word searches. The results from sites containing those words will be shown first. If your site misspells those words, it might not even appear in the results. Potential visitors do misspell search words. But, which misspelling they use is completely unpredictable. So the best bet is to make sure that at least the correct dictionary spelling is used on your site.

Second, proper spelling establishes the credibility of a site. It proclaims that your site is professional and well run. On the other hand, spelling errors can quickly destroy credibility. Most visitors will tolerate a single error, but the doubts will grow quickly in the face of additional errors. Remember that even bad spellers can spot incorrect spelling while reading. It takes concentrated effort to draw traffic, it is foolish to drive it away with careless mistakes.

Finally, even if every word is properly spelled, there is more to consider. You need to know if the words are emphasised in the correct places. You also need to know if page sizes are appropriate for your audience, and if the word complexity suits your intended readership. This information is also included in the crawl reports that you view. Some sample reports from the client area can be seen here ...

Even if you are absolutely confident that there are no errors on your site, this is your opportunity to find out for sure.

Just see the current free trials and bonus offers. You will have access to all features and reports of the online website spell check service.

A year of service might cost less than the reference dictionary and thesaurus on your desk!